Baby blues : The mother needs help!

Motherhood is the best dream that comes true when baby is in mother’s hands. This is the sentence we love to read ,hear and of course want to experience in our and our beloved people’s lives.But for many of them the grass is greener on the other side of mountain.What if the dream turned out little scarier, little different what one had not thought of?

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Many of the readers, I  am sure have not heard or read about this word Baby Blues! While celebrating and dreaming the pregnancy and arrival of baby the much important part sadly gets neglected. The sudden change in the life and the situation around them is hardly ever explained or discussed by the concern and relevant people with the future parents.

Recently I came across many cases of post natal depression or baby blues! The disturbed mental health of mother immediately after the delivery is called postpartum depression or in layman’s language it is known as Baby Blues.

In simple language and in short lets see what is this whole thing all about?

The unstable mental health of mother in two weeks after the delivery which needs intervention and help of medical assistance is known as postpartum depression.

Postpartum depression is an umbrella which covers various mental disorders from simple mood changes to severe postpartum psychosis. The postpartum psychosis is a sever condition and need expert attention.

In this blog we are trying to understand the mild to moderate mental depression which usually recovers in some weeks or months by assistance and proper guidance.

What are the signs of Baby blues?

For every mother the initial days are difficult to cop with her own body and the new tiny life. But some mothers are susceptible for more severe expressions of the hormonal changes and the situation generated difficulties. Following are the general symptoms

  • Mood swings
  • Excess worry,
  • Unexplained sadness
  • Irritability
  • Fear that you’re not a good mother
  • Feelings of worthlessness, shame, guilt or inadequacy
  • Diminished ability to think clearly, concentrate or make decisions
  • Severe anxiety and panic attacks
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Feeling guilty of something
  • Absence of emotional attachment with baby
  • Excessive and involuntary crying
  • Reduced concentration
  • Appetite problems
  • Trouble in sleeping though baby sleeps

What are the reasons ?

  • Unintended or unwelcome pregnancy;
  • unemployment or other financial issues
  • Marital or family differences
  • No assistance in raising the baby.
  • No support from family or partner in physical as well as mental comforting.
  • No lactation, difficulties in breastfeeding.
  • Baby with physical abnormality or other health ailment.
  • Health problems of mother herself.
  • Personal coping attitude to the situation
  • Longer time to conception.
  • High expectations from the people,situations and self.
  • Previous history of mental illness.

Ayurveda has a strong theory around this particular situation.The woman after delivery is vulnerable body and mind and need to be protected with utmost care till 2 months is the verse in Ayurveda books. The sudden and extreme changes in the Vata Dosha occurs in the body in the process of birth giving. The above symptoms are described as the Grah dosha or Grah badha. No significant organism but body’s own delicate condition can be affected and reflected in behavior. A proper care through Aashwasana chikitsa (counseling), Medhya dravya (medicine working on brain) and Dhupana (Aroma stimulus) and other treatments are thoroughly discussed.

How it should be managed ?

  • Antenatal(during pregnancy) care plays an important role in educating the patients.Time to time talking with the patient about the minute changes happening with her and the fetus will benefit the lady to understand the reality and will develop a conscious responsibility.
  • It is always wise to talk about the baby blues with the woman in advance. The gynecologist and the team need to give ample time to their patients to explain these issues. Physical checkup,ultra sonography and other reports are given importance but these issues are neglected sadly by almost all doctors.
  • The risk factors and risk category patients can be identified in the antenatal care itself. Earliest is better!But the psychological aspects are surpassed in the followups with the gynecologist.
  • Gynacs ,talk with your patient, give them ample time which they genuinely belong when they come to you.
  • The support system should be built right from the pregnancy.
  • As family ,the family members plays the most crucial role in handling the blues.Emotional support , identifying that the lady is not well is also very important step.
  • Seeking proper help of doctors, psychologist or psychiatrist(in sever depression)instead of neglecting or blaming each other is anytime good.Ayurveda has its own unique way to handle as explained above.

Words for mother!

  • Don’t treat yourself as a superwoman. Accept the limitations and learn to see the reality.
  • The tiresome routine and drastic change around you is not constant. It will pass.
  • Give your body and mind time and enough rest to get back in to sound health. Don’t set unrealistic goals for yourself.
  • Compromising some fun for sometime is not punishment.
  • Don’t try to overburden yourself as a parent or person
  • Seek the proper help and neglect things around that bothers you and are not much important.
  • Your sound health will raise the healthy and happy baby.

Role of society,culture and customs.

I read some research papers which had hypothesis that some customs and social behavior said to protect the mother from such emotional roller coaster ride.The customs like

  • Keeping baby and mother in house for 1.5 months and avoid direct contact with many people at a time.
  • Madatory rest to mother in this peroid.
  • Assistance in baby raising and other homely tasks by family members.
  • Social recognition, love ,gifts and blessing rituals
  • Practises like baby and mother massage relieves the physical as well mental stress.
  • Certain pattern of food and other customs take care of lactation and gut health too.

Mother should be loved,cared and supported the same way we do for baby!Wishing every would be and present mother a lovely motherhood!

(Above writeup belongs to Dr.Rupali Panse. It is protected by copyright. Share the blog as it is without changing the author name and information)



Fire in the gut.Feed me!

Patients queries and questions are always brainstorming activities for me. They keep me on my toes till i don’t satisfy them with the suitable answers. It is good that these queries help in choosing topics for my blogs because i am sure by this way the content helps the reader more.

One my reader is following diet of her dietician and has lost remarkable weight with the help of her diet. But the pattern of her diet is little unfriendly with her gut. She complains about the flatulence after she started the particular diet suggested by her dietician .

Her questions were, How can i cop up with this flatulence ? Are there any options or substitutions for salads?

Once return from work ,i feel hell hungry and want to munch on junks . What should be the appropriate food that i can munch on in evening time?

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  • Answer 1:

The probable reason of the flatulence is the pattern of diet. Eating cubes of paneer(cottage cheese)(as told by her ) for lunch is little impractical and unacceptable  though it completes the calories, protein fat equation as per the diet rules. But if the same diet is to be continued then adding  ginger, lime, rock salt and luke warm water  in the meal can help to some extent to relive the flatulence (gases) and promoting the digestion. i still would suggest to revise the diet plan.

  • Answer2.

If your dietician is suggesting you salads, they should be salads only. Ayurveda has different approach on uncooked food or salads. the salads eaten in large quantity as a meal can increase load on digestion . Eating uncooked sprouts salads in large quantity and regularly can increase the indigestion, flatulence and also have an impact on bowel habits. Eating the salads regularly in small quantity is beneficial but eating them as your complete meal is wrong in some way. Use black pepper powder ,rock salt, cumin and dry ginger powder to enhance the digestion of salad and preventing the flatulence.

  • Answer 3.

Yes the evening time especially for the Pitta dominant prakriti people is the time for “Fire in gut !Feed me”. Munching on Chivda, Bhel,Chips,another junks are strictly no no. If possible make it as your dinner time.Early dinner is anytime good. If not possible soups are the best options. Red pumpkin, Green lentils soups are advisable. Ready to make soups are not advised at all. Other than soups you can have butter milk and amaranths flakes (rajgira lahi). red rce flakes (salichya lahya) with milk or buttermilk are good alternative to junks.

Note: The diet should be planned according to the region, conditions of person,habits, body patterns and above all considering the person in the center and not keeping the calories as goal!


Beauty,Media & Ayurveda!

सौंदर्य ,मीडिया आणि बळजबरीचा आयुर्वेद!
आज सगळ्यात जास्त एनकॅश जो विषय होतो ते सौंदर्य, जनमानसावर सर्वात जास्त प्रभाव टाकणारे माध्यम मीडिया आणि ज्याच्या नुसत्या नावाने काहीही खपू शकते असा बिचारा आयुर्वेद हे तीन वर वर काहीच संबंध नसणारे टोकाचे विषय आज जाणून बुजून ,ठरवून एकत्र आणले गेले आहेत. मिलियन डॉलर मार्केट आणि कोर्पोरेट स्ट्रॅटेजी ची माया!
कमीत कमी शब्दात हा विषय पोचवण्याचा प्रयत्न करतेय,लिहत गेले तर पुस्तक सहज होईल यावर!
सौंदर्य म्हणजे काय ? गोरी त्वचा (मुलींची आणि हल्ली मुलांची देखील) हि सर्रास व्याख्या आज सौंदर्याची झालीये, नव्हे ती जाणूनबुजून करण्यात आलीये आणि आज आपल्याला पटायला देखील लागलीये.आज नव्हे तर पिढ्यानपिढ्या समाजमत असे होत गेलेय. समाजातील याच चुकीच्या रुजलेल्या रुढीची परिणती सौंदर्य निर्मिती क्षेत्रातील अफाट वाढीत होतेय नव्हे झालीये. माणसाला वाटणारे ‘शॉर्ट कट’ चे आकर्षण हा एक शापच म्हणायला हवा.काही आठवडे क्रीम लावा नि गोरे व्हा ,आयुष्य इतके सोपे असते का?परंतु मिनिटं मिनिटाला लागणाऱ्या TV वरील जाहिराती, पानं च्या पानं भरून गोरीपान कांती दाखवणारी गोरेपणाच्या क्रीम ची मॉडेल यासारख्या गोष्टींचा इतका भडीमार सतत होतो कि ते पटायला लागते, खरे वाटायला लागते.कारण जाहिरात करणारे कुठेतरी आपलेच आदर्श असतात,हिरो आणि हिरोईन! सौंदर्यवर्धक उत्पादकांचा टार्गेट ऑडियन्स सहज या फसव्या जगाला बळी पडतो.
खरे सौंदर्य काय? मुलींमध्ये वयानुसार सहज होणारी शारीरिक मानसिक वाढ, स्त्रीसुलभ भाव व जबाबदारी, निकोप शरीर आणि मन ,आत्मविश्वास आणि सर्वात महत्वाचे स्वतःला स्वतःच्या गुण दोषांसकट स्वीकारून स्वतःमध्ये एक माणूस म्हणून बदल घडवणे, हे खरे सौंदर्य होय. तसेच मुलांमध्ये व्यायाम करून कमावलेले उत्तम शरीर, वाढत्या वयानुसार एक व्यक्ती म्हणून असलेले समाजभान, जबाबदारी,साहसी खेळ,समाजाला उपद्रव नाही तर अभिमान वाटेल असे वागणे म्हणजे खरे सौंदर्य होय.क्रीम फासून गोरे होण्यासाठी केलेला केविलवाणा प्रयत्न म्हणजे तारुण्याचा अपमान च होय.
या सगळ्यात मीडिया चा काय रोल?

 मीडिया मध्ये प्रिंट मीडिया(म्हणजे वृत्तपत्र,मासिक,साहित्य इत्यादी),audiovisual मीडिया ज्यात TV ,चित्रपट इत्यादी येतात या गोष्टींचा youth ,तरुण वर्गावर सर्वात जास्त प्रभाव असतो. एखाद्या समाजाचे मत तयार करणे ,थोडक्यात समाजावर संस्कार करण्याचे काम मीडिया करत असतो. त्यामुळेच मीडिया चा ह्या सर्वात खूप महत्वाचा रोल आहे.
स्त्रीवर्गाची स्वतःबद्दलची मानसिकता आणि पुरुषांची स्त्रियांबद्दलची मानसिकता घडवण्याचे दुर्दैवाने बिघडवण्याकडेच आज मीडियाचा  कल दिसतोय.गोरा रंग या एकाच निकषावर स्त्रीचे सौंदर्य मोजून तिचे स्वत्व,कर्तृत्व,गुण,शारीरिक मानसिक बौद्धिक क्षमता या सगळ्या गोष्टी फुटकळ ठरवण्याचे काम आज मीडिया करताना दिसते.तुमचा रंग सावळा, निमगोरा ,गव्हाळ किंवा काळा असूच शकत नाही का?. क्रीम लावून गोरे झाला नाहीत तर नोकरी मिळणार नाही, नवरा मुलगा नकार देणार, गर्लफ्रेंड दुसऱ्याबरोबर गाडीवर निघून जाणार इतक्या खालच्या दर्जाच्या जाहिराती आज आपण रोज शांतपणे बघतोय. कारण आपण या गोष्टीचा स्वीकार केलाय.किशोरवयीन बदलांना सामोरे जाणारी तरुण पिढी,भविष्यकाळाची अनिश्चितता,सारासार विचार करण्याइतपत न आलेली maturityविरुद्ध लिंगी व्यक्तीबद्दलचे वाटणारे आकर्षण, व्यसनाधीनता याबरोबरच गोरेपणा चा दबाव यामुळे सहज या विचारांना बळी पडते.
एखाद्या अतिशय संवेदनशील चित्रपटातील आवश्यक आणि अतिसंवेदनशील सीन सेन्सॉरच्या नावाखाली कापला जातो आणि या अतिसुमार दर्जाच्या जाहिराती ज्या आज समाजातील स्त्रीचे इतके बीभत्स चित्रण, प्रतिमा तयार करताय ते आपण रोज कुटुंबासोबत बसून बघतोय. का ?कॉर्पोरेट स्ट्रॅटजी आणि मिलियन डॉलर मार्केट! या जायंट इंडस्ट्रीचा मीडियावरील आर्थिक होल्ड इतका आहे कि समाजाच्या मनाचे,सारासार बुद्धीचे,नैतिकतेचे स्वास्थ्य जपणे ,वाढवणे हा उद्देष असलेले वृत्तपत्र, दूरचित्रवाणी, चित्रपट,साहित्य आज कस्टमर base  तयार करताय. समाजप्रबोधन हे मीडिया चे ध्येय मीडिया साफ विसरत चाललीये.मीडिया ने रुजवेलेले सौंदर्याचे निकष आणि स्त्रीची चुकीची इमेज हि आज तरुण पुरुष वर्गाची स्त्रीबद्दलची अतिशय भयानक आणि चुकीची मानसिकता, त्यातून होणारे  परिणाम, गुन्हे इतपत गंभीर आहे, याचा आपण कधी विचार करतो का? एक गोरेपणाची जाहिरात वेगवगेळ्या समाजातील घटकांवर किती विपरीत परिणाम करू शकते. सावळा, काळा रंग असलेल्या मुलींना  स्वतःला स्वीकारून ह्या सगळ्या चुकीच्या रूढ प्रवाहाविरुद्ध जायला किती त्रास होत असेल ह्याची कल्पना न केलेलीच बरी. तर सौंदर्य क्षेत्र आणि मीडिया यांचा हा असा संबंध आहे.
आता या सगळ्यात आयुर्वेद कसा आला ?
सर्वप्रथम काही गोष्टी स्पष्ट करूयात. आयुर्वेदात गोरा रंग इत्यादी ला अजिबात महत्व दिले नाही. गोरा रंग होण्याचे नुसखे हे आयुर्वेद नाही सांगत. ते आयुर्वेदाच्या नावाखाली चुकीच्या पद्धतीने व्यवसाय करणारे सांगत असावेत.आयुर्वेदात वर्ण म्हणजे रंग याचा उल्लेख प्राकृत म्हणजे नॉर्मल आणि अप्राकृत म्हणजे ऍबनॉर्मल असा आलाय. त्वचेच्या आरोग्याचे आणि काळ्या गोऱ्या व इतर रंगाचे वर्णन प्रकृती, वेगवेगळ्या धांतूंची सारता किंवा एखाद्या व्याधीत मनुष्याच्या रंग कसा फिकट, पांढरा, पिवळा इत्यादी होतो असे काही उल्लेख आहेत.आणि त्या अनुषंगाने काय उपाय करावे म्हणजे मनुष्याचा पूर्वीचा रंग व्याधी जाऊन परत येईल असे होय. त्वचेचे विकार आणि आरोग्य हा विषय आयुर्वेद उत्तमपणे निश्चित हाताळतो परंतु त्वचेला गोरे करणे असा कुठेही उल्लेख नाही. त्वचेच्या आरोग्याकरिता आहार, विहार आणि औषधी अशी योजना वर्णन केली आहे. सहा आठवड्यांचे fairness क्रीम हि आयुर्वेदाची नीती नव्हे .
परंतु सौदर्य वर्धक उत्पादनांमध्ये वापरलेल्या रसायनांचे जसजसे गंभीर side effects दिसायला लागले तसतसे अपायरहित आयुर्वेदाची मदत किंबहुना कुबडी या कंपन्याना घ्यावी लागली. आणि मग सुरु झाला हर्बल क्रीम चा प्रवास.आधी काय कुंकुमादी तेल युक्त, मग काय केसर,आता काय मोती युक्त ,मग काय सोने युक्त आणि तो वाढतोय आणि आपण खऱ्या अर्थाने व्हिक्टिम बनतोय.हर्बल बिरबल हा माझा हर्बल उत्पादनांवर प्रकाश टाकणारा लेख मी मागेच सविस्तर लिहलाय तेंव्हा इथे विस्तृत लिहीत नाही.वर्डप्रेस वर अवश्य वाचा.
तर गोरा रंग म्हणजे सौंदर्य अशी ठरवून केली गेलेली चुकीची व्याख्या ,मीडियाला हाताशी धरून तिला अजून खतपाणी आणि त्यामुळे स्त्रीवर्गाचे झालेले कायमचे न भरून येणारे नुकसान आणि या सगळ्यात सोयीस्कर वापरलेले गेलेले आयुर्वेद शास्त्र हे सगळं फक्त आणि फक्त व्यवसाय आणि त्याच्याशी संबंधित खेळींचा भाग आहे.
माझा वाचकवर्ग सौंदर्याची अशी चुकीची व्याख्या यापुढे कधीच स्वीकारणार आणि अशी मला खात्री आहे. हा लेख समाजात एक लहानसा का होईना पण चांगला बदल घडवेल अशी प्रामाणिक इच्छा!

Panchkarma?..Doubts and myths? The answers you must know !

With highest of hope and expectation on face this young new patient excitedly started as, “Doctor,I want get Vamana therapy done. I also want Basti for my Vata dosha,but we will start Vamana first.My friend got done from you last year and she is very satisfied with the results”. The case paper which i was about to fill , i kept aside.

I am so amazed to see such patients which enter the clinic with self diagnosis and now a days even ready with the treatment protocol in their mind,especially Panchkarma.

Lets see some myths and doubts that patient carry about Panchkarma.

  1. Panchkarma is for all.                                                                                                       No,the doctor needs to categorize the patient whether the patient is suitable for the Panchkarma or not.Age,sex, strength, season, disease, need are some of the criteria for the indication.The Ayurveda text clearly narrated who and when are suitable for specific therapy and who are not.We cant offer it as per the choice or want of the patient.
  2. Panchkarma needs total rest.                                                                                         Most of the times the routine of patient is not disturbed though very small changes in routine are advised as the body undergoes significant changes in terms of Dosha. Vamana and Virechana needs at least one day full rest.Other indications depends on patient’s strength,nature of disease etc.
  3. All of five treatments are must in Panchkarma.                                                        Most of the times we choose the therapy according to body type, dosha and present illness.So it is not mandatory to go for all. The patient who wants to do Panchkarma for just well being ,are also advised to go for selected therapies by Ayurveda doctor.
  4. The dos and don’t s advised during Panchkarma is just a precaution.        Never think so.The dos and don’t s  are supposed to follow strictly during the course of Panchkarma.Many times patients take it very causally and the therapy goes wrong or unsatisfied for both the patient and doctor too. The dos and don’t s are very simple still ,why reluctant to follow them?
  5. Panchkarma once done is done for lifetime.                                                             Panchkarma is done to eradicate the vitiated dosha causing diseases in body when only the medicine is not enough.Once Panchkarma done if the diet ,lifestyle is followed properly the doshas stay normal in the body doing their normal functions.But the doshas can get vitiated by the various internal and external factors which when treated earliest don’t need Panchkarma again.
  6. Panchkarma is massage and Shirodhara.                                                           Panchkarma is the term which means five types of revetments.Massage and Shirodhara is not Panchkarma.
  7. Panchkarma can be done at home.
    No.Panchkarma needs well equipped set up and qualified therapist and doctor.It needs checkups,followups and observation.Don’t play with health and the reputation of Ayurveda by following some wrong self experimenting regarding Panchkarma.
  8. Panchkarma is the solution for only old/chronic or major diseases.
    No. many acute conditions are relieved by Panchkarma like osteoarthritis, hyper acidity, some skin diseases etc.
  9. Panchkarma can cure anything
    Never see a doctor as God and his treatments as magic. Everything has its own limitations.The efficacy of Panchkarma depends upon the age,disease type,chronic or acute nature of Dosha, bad prognosis etc. Get the facts clear with your doctor before u expect something magic with some really non curable disease.
  10. Kerala Panchkarma is different therapy
    No.Panchkarma is same everywhere,Kerala Ayurveda follows some sub types of massage and other therapies which are not Panchkarma.Basic Panchkarma is same.
  11. Panchkarma is costly.
    Not at all. If you compare it with the exaggerated charges that other streams of medicine charges for consultation and even for small procedure, it is always less in Panchkarma. Choose a doctor and not the five star set up of the clinic.You have all of the rights to check and compare the various available doctors and their charges for Panchkarma.The doctor should be registered as Ayurveda doctor and should be trustworthy are the most important things the patient should consider. Panchkarma is a treatment which need skills in the Ayurveda ,involves the team and equipment,continuous observation and care that nothing goes wrong during the Panchkarma.The medicine cost being herbal and quality is maintained most of the times in authentic clinics is considerable. Its your choice to go in proper hands.

Panchkarma is the very unique treatment protocol in Ayurveda which is globally accepted and appreciated.Gain maximum of health from it. But first get the doubts and myths cleared. Doubts and queries welcome in comment section.

Kaleidoscope:Look in to self!

emotional block2.jpg

मनुष्याचे अंतरंग,मन हा एक अजब कॅलिडोस्कोप च आहे.विविध भावना रूप यांचे एक अजब रसायन च जणू!

तहान भूक ,स्वसंरक्षण,भीती,आक्रमकता ह्या संवेदना आणि त्या व्यक्त करणे या क्रिया प्रत्येक सजीवात म्हणजे प्राणी आणि मनुष्य प्राणी सगळ्यात दिसतात. परंतु मनुष्यप्राण्यात याखेरीज प्रेम,आश्वासन,अधिकार,राग,चीड, अपमान, विरोध,न्यूनगंड,आत्मविश्वास,किळस,दबाव,असुरक्षितता,अपराधीपणा हे आणि असे अनेक सहजभाव कमी अधिक प्रमाणात निर्माण होत असतात. हे मनातील भाव प्रकट होणे अथवा कृतीद्वारे व्यक्त केले जाणे खूप आवश्यक असते. त्यांचा वेळोवेळी निचरा झाला नाही तर हे भाव त्या त्या प्रसंगासकटच्या आठवणी आणि व्यक्तीची त्यावेळेची मानसिक स्थिती यासकट मनात साठवल्या जातात. यालाच भावनिक बंध किंवा इमोशनल ब्लॉक म्हणतात.

हे भावनिक बंध किंवा गुंता व्यक्ती ला ते ते प्रसंग अथवा त्या विशिष्ट परिरिस्थितीच बांधून ठेवतात ज्याचे परिणाम त्या व्यक्तीच्या व्यक्तिमत्वावर, त्याबरोबरच शरीरावरहि दिसतात.वेगवेगळ्या प्रसंगाना व्यक्त होतांनाच्या प्रतिक्रिया आणि निर्णय हे बरेचदा त्या भावनिक बंधाच्या आधारे घेतले जातात. उदा.भीती, दबाव , न्यूनगंड या भावनिक बंधामुळे व्यक्ती हि बुजरी होत जाते आणि कुठलीही जबाबदारी घेण्यास हि व्यक्ती घाबरते. नवीन काम , नवीन नातेसंबंध,नवीन नोकरी यासारख्या जीवनातील बदलांना सामोरे जाणे टाळते अथवा त्यात अयशस्वी होते. आक्रमकपणा, दुसऱ्यावर हुकूमत गाजवणे हे हि कुठल्याश्या भावनिक बंधामुळे केलेले मनाचे बंड च असते बरेचदा. बराच काळ मनात ठिय्या देऊन बसलेले हे भावनिक बंध व्यक्ती मध्ये विविध वर्तन दोष निर्माण करतात ज्यामुळे वेगवेगळ्या व्यसनांच्या आहारी जाणे, दुसऱ्याला शारीरिक अथवा मानसिक नुकसान पोचवणे ,क्वचित गुन्हेगारी कडे वळणे असे अधिकाधिक गंभीर परिणाम होत जातात.

हे असे भावनिक बंध वर्षानुवर्षे निचरा न होता राहिले आणि कृतीतूनही व्यक्त नाही झाले तर शरीरातील त्रिदोषांवर त्यांचा दुष्परिणाम दिसतो. मुख्यतः पित्त दोष ,वातदोष असंतुलन होऊन रक्तधातूवर परिणाम होतो. असंतुलित त्रिदोष हे आचार विचार नियंत्रण करणाऱ्या धी, धृती आणि स्मृती या तीन प्रकारच्या बुध्दीलाही विपरीत बनवतात .असे असंतुलित बुद्धी,मन आणि त्रिदोष शरीरात व्याधी निर्माण करावयास लागतात.

त्याचे कारण शरीर,मेंदू आणि मन यांचा असलेला परस्पर संबंध होय ,जो आपण मागील लेखात पहिला होता. काहीही कौटुंबिक इतिहास नसलेले , विशेष कारण न सापडणारे अनेक दम्याचे, त्वचारोग,ऍलर्जी,मायग्रिन(अर्धशिशी) व कोलायटिसचे रुग्ण असतात कि ज्यांच्या मध्ये असे एक अथवा अनेक भावनिक बंध आढळतात. अर्थात पहिल्या ३ ते ४ भेटीत रुग्णही काही सांगत नाही तसेच वैद्यालाही निदान करायला अवधी आणि संभाषण आवश्यक असते. परंतु योग्य ती मदत घेऊन रुग्णाच्या मनाची तपासणी केली असता मन बोलू लागते .समुदेशन,आयुर्वेदिक औषधी ,गरज पडल्यास मानसोपचारतज्ञाचा सल्ला, वर्तनचिकित्सा या सगळ्यांचा उत्तम परिणाम मनावर तसेच शारीरिक व्याधींवरही दिसून येतो.

रुग्णाला फक्त एक शरीर म्हणून न बघता अथांग मनाच्या हजारो लहरी लाटा लीलया पेलण्याचा प्रयत्न करणारी एक व्यक्ती म्हणून पहिले तरच वैद्याच्या चे कसब पणाला लागून योग्य निदान आणि अचूक चिकित्सा होऊ शकते.आपल्या भावना दाबून न ठेवता योग्य पद्धीतीने त्या व्यक्त करणे अथवा त्यांचा मनातून निचरा करणे हेही महत्वाचे होय . याविषयी अधिक पुढील लेखात पाहूच.




Spread it the healthy way

“Every alternate day i give chapati role with cheese spread with various flavors in tiff in.”A regular patient’s mother .

“This much frequent use of cheese spreads and other ready to use spread isn’t good for your 5 year old son” i was trying to explain .”Once in a while you can treat him with it but it shouldn’t be the regular tiff-in stuff, Dear”

“What you are saying ,i understand but then what should i give him , any alternative?

Sometimes we are so busy in understanding unwinding the complex , far things that we overlook the simple things close or in front of us that blow us with their wonders. When i say try to avoid ready to eat food its my duty to give access to some good alternative to my patients , that too not complicated and easy to make and yes most important tasty too.

“I can give you a big list of good alternate item , lets take simple chutney e.g” i said.

“A chutney !! how can it replace the tasty spreads ? “She was asking with eyes wide open. I said “Make simple chutney of roasted seasome seeds , dried curry leaves and garlic adding red chili powder and salt to taste. 3 min job right ? Now keep this dry powder air tight . whenever you want some kind of spread add fresh sweet curd into the chutney a pinch of chat masala and your fresh seasome garlic spread is ready. You can add this dry chutney in various curries, salads , daal etc . It will add the nutritional benefit as well as the taste . If you will see the benefits of such a simple,3minutes recipe you will forget the processed,salty,preservative loaded market spreads . I can give you the list of such spreads but try this simple one first. But again variety is the key.Everyday chutney spread is not recommendable. Instill an good food habit in him with all kind of regular good food.”

She was quite happy and her son had reduced consuming the market spreads thankfully.

We should also see the health facts of this chutney to understand why we doctors stress on these herbs in diet.

 Garlic and sesame curry leaves chutney:

  • Dry roast sesame seeds and let cool.
  • shadow dried and slight dry roasted curry leaves.
  • Garlic , rock salt and chili powder
  • Mix and grind well all ingredients in mixer and your chutney is ready.
  • Store is a dry airtight container .
  • Shelf life : 1 week
  • The quantity of this chutney should be not more than 2 or 3 tsp daily as the ingredients are hot in property .

Interesting facts about this really simple , tasty chutney

Sesame seeds:

  • According to Ayurveda texts sesame a immune booster for skin and hair .
  • No wonder almost every oil in Ayurveda has base of sesames oil.
  • Hot property bearing these are best Vaata dosha pacifying herb.
  • Contains antioxidants like seasamol, seasaminol.
  • Niacin  B-complex vitamin and folic acid  found abundantly in sesame.
  • Calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, magnesium, selenium, and copper

Curry leaves:

  • The amazing aroma of this herb is the must add in almost every Sabji , Daal and other spicy dishes in Asia and specially Indian dishes.
  • The bitter taste dominant and a good appetizer.
  • Cool in property, aromatic, anthelmintic, carminative, anti-inflammatory.
  • Curry leaves contain iron, calcium, vitamin C, and phosphorous.


  • Garlic is carmicide in nature with hot property and useful in vaat dosha dominant diseases. There are many herbal preparations in which Garlic is the lead ingredient.
  • Almost must ingredient in Asian dishes it is useful in digestive disorders.
  • Garlic is an excellent source of minerals and vitamins that are essential for optimum health. The bulbs are one of the richest sources of potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, and selenium. Selenium is a heart-healthy mineral, and is an important cofactor for antioxidant enzymes within the body. Manganese is used by the body as a co-factor for the antioxidant enzyme, superoxide dismutase. Iron is required for red blood cell formation.
  • It contains many flavonoid anti-oxidants like carotene beta, zea-xanthin, and vitamins like vitamin-C. Vitamin C helps the body develop resistance against infectious agents and scavenge harmful, pro-inflammatory free radicals.This simple recipe in deed act as a multi vitamin pill for you that too natural multivitamin no synthetics used.

Trust your traditions and traditional food habits!

Step out, meet surprising new ‘You’ !

This is the last part the blog series which was dedicated to the Menopause and Ayurveda view on it.

We saw how woman to woman symptoms, treatment and diet differs.In this particular blog how the lifestyle can help to relieve many menopausal symptoms is elaborated.Lifestyle is not about only exercise and job profile . The way you spend your day, week, month years by years is your lifestyle.Other than diet sleep, exercise, work, hobby, entertainment and social involvement decide your lifestyle.

For previous parts of the four blogs click the links.



Lets see how can we do very small positive changes in these and rip tremendous benefits out them for easy menopause .

Sleep : In one of my blog named “ Zzz.. Because sleep solves everything’’ I have described how the sound sleep is important and the health hazards due to the less, more or irregular sleep patterns.Click the link to read more about it.

All major healing process occurs during sleep so ladies go to sleep early , have enough sleep of at least 7 to 8 hours and wake up early at least one hour before sunrise. Everything can wait, do adjustments and follow your sleep pattern religiously.

Following this simple investment in sleep will reduce the symptoms like stress, mental fatigue, mood swings, and heaviness during menopausal years.

Exercise: Exercise is the best doctor for all the changes that happen during menopause. Consult your Ayurveda doctor which exercises suit your body type.

Secretion of antidepressants during exercises relieve the overall laziness, weight, develop confidence, improves the blood supply to the joints and muscles, in fact every  organ is benefited .

Regular walking, simple stretching exercises, Yoga and meditation are must in this phase in all women under the proper guidance of suitable person.

Work : Be it a working woman or a busy home maker, getting involved in work has multiple benefits on the emotional health during the menopause .Try to handle the work stress at office and in home positively and learn to say No where the thing is beyond your physical and mental capacity. Do not take part in any race for career, multitasks at home etc. It’s your life, set your own comfort limits.

Hobby :  Hobby is so important that I have written a separate blog on Hobby . Do read it.

Hobby can be your multivitamins in the phase of Menopause. Trust me following your hobby can make you fall in love with your life. It helps to reduce almost all psychological symptoms like depression, feeling inferior, lowered confidence etc. It also make brain exercise well so the forgetfulness, confusions, hyper reactive moods are controlled.

Entertainment and social involvement:

At this phase of life the kids are grown up ,quite independent and the non working women have much free time . Please invest this time in right things. Choosing the television and the melodrama serials for the entertainment is a very dangerous idea. It pollutes brain, makes one more susceptible for the wrong psychological cognition. Choose what you see, read carefully. Always choose something that makes you laugh, teach a new good virtue and make you care and love for your life. Avoid all those which make you pessimistic, teach to see the world with hate, doubt and make simple little things in family and society complicated and unhappy.

There are endless good things happening around good movies, books, dramas, music concerts, speeches, get together, small group trips.Step out and explore those.

Learn something new that you always wanted to but couldn’t. Cooking, swimming, dance, singing, stitching, teaching, small scale business, etc. are the examples. Learn something new that you always think you cannot do. You will find the surprising new you.

Do contribute in small social causes as per your convenience. People out in world need you and your help. Help them and rip the health benefits emotionally and physically too.

Eating healthy and doing exercise is not a perfect lifestyle. Along with this understanding life, respecting life and living it with virtues is a perfect lifestyle.

Take care all sweet ladies and beat Menopause in your style!