Gut riots : Irritable bowel syndrome!

"My fears and anxiety trigger the riots in my gut " A patient having IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) was making fun of his errant gut.But he expressed so correctly.The IBS patients often have to witness the riot like situation in their gut with much pain discomfort.Many readers ask queries about treatment and diet in this … Continue reading Gut riots : Irritable bowel syndrome!


One query : Diet and bone health!

रविवार ब्लॉग्स च्या नियमित वाचकांचा लेखांवर आवर्जून प्रतिसाद येत असतो. लेखातील विषयावर किंवा त्या संबंधित इतर पैलूंवर वाचकांकडून प्रश्न, शंका आणि अनुभव देखील सतत पोचत असतात. हे प्रश्न शंका आणि त्याची उत्तरे इतरही वाचकांना उपयोगी पडतील असा एक विचार येऊन काही ब्लॉग्स हे वाचकांच्या शंका आणि त्यांची उत्तरे असे ठेवले तर ? आजचा ब्लॉग हा … Continue reading One query : Diet and bone health!

A query: Food allergies and Bone health!

The Sunday blogs have connected with many regular readers who revert back with further questions, experiences and more curiosity about the topic.Most of the times i try to satisfy the queries one on one. These queries and answer may help others too. So trying to put some  of such queries with the answers in forth … Continue reading A query: Food allergies and Bone health!

”Meat Myths and Ayurveda”

“What are you saying doctor? You are advising me goat meat soup? But you are an Ayurvedic doctor..How can ..I mean?  Does Ayurveda allow nonveg?” My patient was shocked looking confused at me. Some years back a case of muscular wasting needed a major change in diet than medicine. I had advised him goat meat … Continue reading ”Meat Myths and Ayurveda”

Shopping: A poppy pill!

''मैनू शॉपिंग करांदे ...'' दर पंधरा दिवसांनी रविवारी एक ब्लॉग ह्या सिरीज मध्ये आपण सद्या वेगवगेळ्या व्यसनांबद्दल जाणून घेत आहोत.माझा मागील ब्लॉग 'सेल,शॉप स्वाईप' हा खरेदीचे व्यसन ह्या खूप वेगळ्या आणि आवश्यक विषयावर होता.त्याच ब्लॉग चे मराठी भाषांतर आज देत आहे.मूळ इंग्रजी ब्लॉग देखील वर्डप्रेस वर अवश्य वाचा. ''मनुष्य गर्दीने फुलून जाणारे विविध मॉल, दुकाने, … Continue reading Shopping: A poppy pill!

Addicted: Sale! Shop! Swipe!

Shop to live or Live to shop !!! Shopping addiction: The flooded malls, jewelry shops, flea markets, street markets and now the roadside stalls, home driven garment -jewelry businesses and gigantic online shopping market are the proofs that human may have undergone the mutation of gene for shopping. The availability of thousands of variety in … Continue reading Addicted: Sale! Shop! Swipe!

Keto,Ramesh-Suresh & Ayurveda!

There was Ramesh and there was Suresh. Dreams and hard work to achieve the masculine body and weight loss were paying off pretty in these two desperately regularly gym goers. One day Ramesh uttered a magic word into Suresh’s ear, “Keto ….Keto ...Keto” Magic began. Suresh started achieving the goals easily with great weight loss … Continue reading Keto,Ramesh-Suresh & Ayurveda!