सूप,बीप आणि बरेच काही!

माझ्या" द सूप लूप सागा: फूड अलर्ट " या वॊर्डप्रेस वरील ब्लॉग चे हे मराठी रूपांतर होय. "तुम्हाला सांगते ,माझ्यासाठी माझ्या कुटुंबाचे आरोग्य सगळ्यात आधी! फळे,सलाड सूप असे फक्त हेल्दी च पोटात जाईल असे मी कायम बघते.ते चिवडे तळलेलं अजिबात घरात नसते! "बँकेत उच्चपदस्थ आणि दोन गोड़ मुलींची आई असलेली माझी एक पेशंट खूप अभिमानाने … Continue reading सूप,बीप आणि बरेच काही!


The Soup loop saga: Food alert!

“Thank God we are a healthy diet following family.Regular soups,salad and fruits are must for my kids and us.”A regular patient of mine was passing on the information I needed about her lifestyle and diet habits.I was very impressed by this high profile very busy banker and a mother of two beautiful daughters. I admired … Continue reading The Soup loop saga: Food alert!

BBC: Bakery and Boarding Canteen !

We were talking after almost 15 years. A shy sincere and very loving batch mate of mine had called me and  put a very different issue to seek help. Her daughter has been selected in a boarding school through a tough entrance exam. This Taluka level government school is supposed to be a gateway to … Continue reading BBC: Bakery and Boarding Canteen !

Celebrate sweets !

दिवाळीचे दिवस आहे पाहुणे ,भेटीगाठी आणि गोड़ पदार्थ हि देखील आगळीवेगळी पर्वणीच! याच धर्तीवर एका पेशंटच्या सहज विचारलेल्या प्रश्नाचे उत्तर आज ब्लॉग म्हणून पोस्ट करतेय. "डॉक्टर ,बाहेरील गोड व्यंजने विशेषतः खव्याची व्यंजने टाळावी असे तुम्ही कायम सुचवता. काही सहज सोप्या पारंपरिक गोड व्यंजनांची यादी देऊ शकाल का? थोडे आधी प्लॅन करून वेळ असेल तेंव्हा करता … Continue reading Celebrate sweets !

Desi food and belly fat !

It was the publication ceremony of my book on food and nutrition ,when one of the guest after a formal talk asked me one question. Yes my readers are welcome to ask their queries anywhere anytime. He knew this ,so he asked it without hesitation. ‘’Mam ,somewhere I read that Indian diet is responsible for … Continue reading Desi food and belly fat !

Food waste : Crime with the planet !

The most disturbing fact about the food is food waste. There is enough food produced in the world to feed everyone.But one third of all food produced is lost or wasted. Around 1.3 billion tonnes of food costing the global economy close to $940 billion each year is wasted. Each time food goes wasted or … Continue reading Food waste : Crime with the planet !

‘Rangoli’ that you can literally eat!

Rangoli Pancake An early morning call from a friend, asking how was the Ganesh and Gauri festival. A causal question from her,“So, what is there in for breakfast today?” I answered expecting her reaction “ Rangoli pancake!”As expected she screamed What??? , I said yes you heard it correct. Yes you too read it correct. … Continue reading ‘Rangoli’ that you can literally eat!