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We were talking after almost 15 years. A shy sincere and very loving batch mate of mine had called me and  put a very different issue to seek help. Her daughter has been selected in a boarding school through a tough entrance exam. This Taluka level government school is supposed to be a gateway to the success for the brilliant hardworking and mostly rural students. She a proud mother had posted her daughter’s pictures on school premises in Whats App group too, I remember.

She was worried for her daughter and as well as for other students for a very weird reason. The reason was the regular use of bakery products for breakfast and evening munch, like bread, toast, biscuits, khari, bun, cake etc. The school canteen has accepted it is as a regular food for their students.

Being a president of PTA association of the school she raised this issue in meeting. But the explanations from the authority made her furious. The reasons were children are fond of these food, It is easily available, students will not feel home sick if they eat their favorite biscuits and cake etc. Also among such reasons one more reason he mentioned that there are no alternative food to these snacks.

She asked me for the scientific facts of bakery products and also the good alternatives for them,so that she can put it before the concerned authority again.

Jayshree this blog is for you.

Facts about backery products:

The bakery industry is the largest of the food industries with an annual turnover of Rs.1,000 cores  and in India small scale bakeries are estimated at around 75000.

  • Though banned, most of the bread is found with higher levels of potassium bromate and potassium iodate. Potassium bromate a potent carcinogen(cancer causing chemical)and other is responsible for overload of iodine which causes Thyroid dysfunctions.
  • The plain flour or Maida is basic ingredient in all types of bread and biscuits.The so called whole wheat, multigrain things too contain Maida in some extent. Fibreless Maida creats digestion problem and later on various metabolic impairments like obesity.
  • Consuming regular and in more quantity these kind of food contribute only in Carbohydrate and other nutrients are spared leading to imbalanced nutrition in students.
  • Use of baking powder is for more fermentation and more spongy nature of the food which for health is not beneficial. Flatulence (gases), hyperacidity are the symptoms usually found due to the same.
  • Margarine, fats and other trans fats or lipids are used extensively which are unhealthier examples of fat. Ghee and other seed oils are recommended for us to consume regularly.
  • Excessive use of salt and sugar is another unhealthy ingredient.
  • The artificial flavours,preservatives and antioxidants used lavishly make these bakery products doubtful as food for regular consumption.
  • These food produce imbalance in Vata and Pitta dosha causing many digestion and metabolism related imbalance.
  • Overall dryness in intestines and disturbed gut flora is other complication of the excess use of bakery products.

Students need more nutrition in their adolescent age. Everyday bakery product in regular consumption is a bad idea. The portion size and frequency need to be looked for.

Once in a week on weekend it is OK to include the bakery products  in their’ food table’ in boarding school.

Other easy practical substitutes for bakery products:

The canteen can take help of local home based cook and small scale catering team to provide them regular good snack items. In  such a way there will be local employment too.

Following can be very good substitutes to regular bakery products and biscuits:

  1. Any traditional breakfast item like poha, upma,halwa,partaha,occasionally idali vada sambhar
  2. Rice flake Chivda, jowar flake Chivda,Bajra flake Chivda etc.
  3. Rajgira flakes in buttermilk or milk
  4. Spicy Shevai (noodle ) using vegetables.
  5. Boiled or Roasted corn ,corn chat
  6. Peanut chikki, dried fruit chikki, coconut chikki.
  7. Nutritious laddu , coconut barfi, besan barfi etc.
  8. Banana , papaya,pomegranate, guava and other fruits regularly as a compulsory portion of everyday breakfast or snack.
  9. Boiled egg or omelette
  10. Chapatti roll ( spicy chapatti or bhakari : fodanichi poli or bhakari)
  11. Spicy Nachani ukad (cooked pearl millet) balls with buttermilk
  12. Cooked sprouts bhel with chopped onion, tomato and very less Farsaan just to make it appealing
  13. Mix flour biscuits made by local person using dry ginger,shatavari and jaggery
  14. Chakali, shakkarpale ,anarase etc
  15. Cooked spicy shredded sweet potato (ratalyacha Chivda)
  16. Once in a while potato vada or samosa too will please the students.

I think enough options for a well equipped canteen of a well known and responsible school.

Dear schools you are shaping the brains and bodies of tomorrow’s strong foundation of nation. The responsibility is anytime high and worth to take upon shoulder.




Two lessons learnt by the coat of a doctor!

Every patient teaches something worth learning. Every case adds value in doctor’s life as in terms of profession and as a person too.

The journey of any medical student is far different from any other person.The mount Everest size syllabus, the hospitals ,batches, hostel problems wrapped in fun moments, forgetting the difference between day and night in hospital duties and many more.

Dealing with live souls ,their diseases ,the process of treatment and the various lessons they learn have lifetime impacts on them. Those who have friends from medicine background will tell you how good time one get to spend with them. They have various experienced stories about their cases and patients having various shades of emotions from ‘die while laugh’ to sobbing sounds of cry.

I too have learned so many things from my patients and still the process is on. So many patients so many experiences that really made difference in me as a human, added some qualities transforming me. Sometimes tough, sometimes sensitive, sometimes brave and many times made me feel proud in my white coat.Endless moments to share about many of them.

But these two patients and two different teachings i will never forget in my life.

  1. Even sufferings and pain wont kill the evil in one’s mind: 

I saw him in my second year of medical collage on causal morning rounds with senior doctors. Tied to the bed his hands and legs were helpless but he was tearing us apart with his furious eyes. Admitted as the case of hyper emesis which means sever vomiting and dehydration the case turned out to be of drug abuse.

His continuous try to run from the hospital and being violent with the ward staff and his wife ended him to be tied to bed.In his four days stay we saw his pain, sufferings but also got to know the evil deeds he was doing to full fill his addictions. The addiction of painkiller tablets. I will not specify the drug or tablet brand here.He used to consume more than 20 to 30 tablets in a day lately.

His poor family was doing the best possible things for him but the guy was not at all bothered.We used to see his pain and his more reluctant attitude to even try to help himself.Some of us one day saw him slapping his wife hard twice or thrice.His” tamasha’ ended when hospital administration denied his further treatment and showed him the way out.

The addiction makes a person monster!You cant help the person which is keen on destructing the self! 

2.The unwilling duty made me more of a human and reminded why being doctor is difficult and Nobel at the same time:

It was almost the time to leave the ward after finishing the batch duty when the registrar (we both hadn’t tolerated each other ever and absolutely were not fond of each other), called me , “A small dressing and you are done with today’s hours”. Ok …lets do it ..(Why Meee…??? were actually the words wanted to come out but never did.

I washed my hands,wore the gloves and took a nurse with me with the dressing tray. Bed number 19. I had hardly seen that newly admitted one. while looking to the fresh case paper which was almost half filled, i murmured, hmm ..

A case of infected wound with swelling and the patient was diabetic.As we started to clean the site the almost dead tissue was needed to be cut, to let off the pus and dead tissue out. As soon as i took an incision a flood of pus with unbearable smell had hit us. I looked at the face of that old patient. His eyes made me forget the dirt ,smell and filthy pus.As we proceed i found that there is something more inside the wound ,a whitish tight lump. As i tried to clean it suddenly it started moving. Oh my God! They were maggots! A huge lump of live maggots in his leg. I literally was sweating and shivering at the same time, horrified with the sight. Not having any clue what to do next, i called that senior which handed over me with a forcep and with a grin (which i used to hate a lot) told me ,”Go ahead pull them out one by one”.I was not at all in a state to understand his meaningful smile which was more of a ragging. I took a deep breath and started pulling the maggots one bye one. Every time i remove one ,i told myself , Rupali you have reduced his pain by one maggot. Come on go on. At least 70 to 80 maggots and the game was over.An open dressing and medication was the charge of senior and consultant.The eyes and grateful expressions of the patient made me relived in brain and heart too. I felt something really worthy that moment.

Life is beautiful but it can turn ugly at any moment.

For many days i was roaming carrying the feeling same like prince Sidhharth Gutam . Life is pain, Sab Moh Maya hai!!! But I am not Budhha so i returned back in my own coat and was seen again on chai tapri as frequently as before.

Yes the whole incident made my hands firm and heart more compassionate!doctr coat

Duty truly was duty.




Idali controversy! ‘


! ! खूप विविध मत मतांतरे असलेला विषय ! !

इडली खावी कि नाही ? पदार्थ आंबवणे ह्या प्रकाराबद्दल आपले काय मत आहे ?
उत्तर: सर्वात जास्त विचारला जाणारा आणि खरोरच विचारलाच पाहिजे असा प्रश्न. ह्याचे सविस्तर पैलू बघू. उकडे तांदूळ,उडदाची डाळ भिजवून बारीक वाटून मग ती नैसर्गिक आंबवले कि इडलीचे पीठ तयार होते.ह्या आंबवलेल्या पिठात सच्छिद्रता असते बारीक बुडबुडे असतात कारण आंबवण्याच्या प्रक्रियेत त्या पिठात वायू तयार होतो. प्रोबियॉटिक म्हणून ओळखले जाणारे हे पीठ पचनाची एक अवस्था पार केलेले असते.त्यामुळे ते तुलनेने हलके असते. ह्या प्रक्रियेत त्या पिठातील आम्ल गुण म्हणजे आंबटपणा गुण वाढलेला असतो. आंबटपणा हा शरीरात विदाह किंवा जळजळ निर्माण करू शकतो.
ह्या पिठाच्या इडल्या वाफेवर उकडवल्या जातात.तसेच ह्याच पिठाचे डोसेही लावले जातात.
इडली मध्ये पाण्याचे प्रमाण राखले जाते आणि शिजवणे वाफेवर होते तर डोस्या मध्ये तव्यावरील उष्णतेने त्यातील पाणी उडून जाते. वाफेवर शिजलेले पदार्थ तुलनेनें अग्निसंस्कार झालेल्या पदार्थांपेक्षा पचायला जड असतात.
इडली डोसा खाल्यावर काही काळाने लगेच भूक लागते असा बऱ्याच जणांचा अनुभव आहे कारण ते पीठ लघु गुणाचे असते म्हणजे पचायला अवधी कमी लागणारे असते.कदाचित याच मूळे ते जास्त प्रमाणात खाल्लेही जाते.
त्यामुळे एकंदरीत आम्ल गुण पोटात वाढतो जो पित्ताच्या समान गुणांचं असल्याने पित्त वाढवू शकतो.
मग इडली डोसा कसा खावा जेणे करून त्याचा त्रास टळेल आणि गुणांचा फायदा होईल.
लोणी किंवा तुपावर परतलेली इडली अथवा डोसा कमी विदाह निर्माण करतो. अवंतिका नावाचे एक पारम्पारीक पुराण काळातील वर्णित व्यंजन आहे .त्यात इडली सदृश तांदूळ आणि गहू वापरून केलेला पदार्थ हा तुपावर परतून खावा  म्हणजे विदाह कमी होतो असा एक उल्लेख होय.
त्यामुळे डोसा त्यातही लोणी डोसा हा त्यामाने पचायला अजून हलका आणि त्यातल्या त्यात कमी विदाह निर्माण करणारा असे आपण म्हणू शकतो.
तसेच इडली हि खूप फसफसवलेल्या पिठाची असेल तर खाणे अजिबातच नको. जे बरेचदा विकतच्या पिठात दिसते.
तांदूळ उडीद डाळीचे पीठ भिजवून केलेला इडली डोसा हा अक्खे तांदूळ डाळ भिजवून वाटून केलेल्या इडली डोस्यापेक्षा नक्कीच पचायला जड असतो. त्यामुळे कोरडे रेडी टू ईट पीठ तयार मिळते ते वापरणे टाळावे.
इडलीचे पीठ फ्रिज मध्ये ठेवून मग परत परत ३-३दिवस वापरणारे बरेच जण नक्कीच पित्ताच्या विकारांना आमंत्रणच देतात.
इडली डोसा जेवताना नकोच तो सकाळी नाश्ता म्हणून आणि खूप पोटभर न खाता मोजकाच खावा.महाराष्ट्रातील कोरडया आणि उष्ण हवामानात हे पाळले जाणे आवश्यक होय. त्यामुळे ते रोज रोज खाणे अवश्य टाळावे. अर्थातच आपण खाद्यसंस्कृती ,प्रादेशिक संस्कृतीत पहिले कि इडली मुख्यतः दक्षिणेकडील राज्यांचा पारंपरिक पदार्थ होय. तिथल्या खाद्यसंस्कृतीला तो अधिक सात्म्य.

किती,केंव्हा, कुणी आणि किती वेळा या ‘ क’  चे योग्य पालन हे महत्वाचे होय !


Food waste : Crime with the planet !

wp-1506795574992..jpgThe most disturbing fact about the food is food waste.

There is enough food produced in the world to feed everyone.But one third of all food produced is lost or wasted. Around 1.3 billion tonnes of food costing the global economy close to $940 billion each year is wasted.

Each time food goes wasted or , , uneaten, the valuable resources like  producing, processing, packaging, and transporting that food are wasted too. This means huge amounts of land, water, energy, money, and other materials are used unnecessarily. Wasting all this food is costly to individuals, businesses, municipalities and most importantly to the environment.One in nine people do not have enough food to eat, that’s 793 million people who are undernourished.That is why the food waste is inhumanity to the society and environmen.

I was reading some article on internet and found some really disturbing numbers and stats on food wasting.Putting some of them for readers.May the seriousness of the topic reaches.

  1. 1.3 billion tons of food are wasted every year.
  2. If wasted food was a country, it would be the third largest producer of carbon dioxide in the world, after the United States and China
  3. Just one quarter of all wasted food could feed the 795 million undernourished people around the world who suffer from hunger
  4. Food waste in rich countries (222 million tons) is approximately equivalent to all of the food produced in Sub-Saharan Africa (230 million tons)
  5. A  person in a developed country wastes almost 100 kilograms of food per year, which is more than his or her average weight (70 kilograms)
  6. Lack of technology and infrastructure is the main cause of food waste in Africa, whereas household food waste in the developed world is the unfortunate cause .
  7. Food waste in Europe alone could feed 200 million hungry people
  8. Food waste generates 3.3 billions tons of carbon dioxide, which accelerates global climate change.
  9. If one quarter of the food currently lost or wasted could be saved, it would be enough to feed 870 million hungry people.
  10. Almost half of all fruit and vegetables produced are wasted (that’s 3.7 trillion apples).
  11. 8% of greenhouse gases heating the planet are caused by food waste.
  12. One in five shopping bags end up in the bin = $3,800 worth of groceries per household each year.
  13. Nearly three million people are living in poverty, one quarter are children.!
  14. Throwing away one burger wastes the same amount of water as a 90-minute shower.
  15. 4 million tonnes of food ends up as thrown waste in landfill, enough to fill 8,400 Olympic sized swimming pools.

Moreover apart from economy how insensitive of us to waste or throw the food when someone somewhere though out of our sight is starving out .

This topic needs a second part to this blog .The effects of food waste on planet must need a thought in next blog.

Lets try our best not to waste !


Fast: Official leave to feast and rest to stomoch

Dr.Rupali Panse

Let the Fast Begin!

Here fast doesn’t mean complete avoiding eating. Fast means  avoiding some specific food and eating other specific food for one or more days either for health benefit or other custom, faith reason.The fast is considered to be one of the ways to help you go closer to the god while u perform puja or rituals . It has got much importance in many traditions and cultures specially in Asian countries .From ages we are eating the food famous and widely accepted for the fast which pushes stomach to work hard for digestion.Ideally  the fast should enhance the overall health by giving rest to the stomach.But most of the times wrong methods and food chosen  leads to health problems like hyper acidity , flatulence ,head aches and indigestion .

You will be amazed to see the benefits of fast done properly in right intervals . Fast should…

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10 FAQs on ‘incompatible diet’ made me write!!

An again read

Dr.Rupali Panse

Yes I am taking a risk by writing this specific blog . Some people will be mad at me for enlisting their favourite food in the black list. Some people will not believe what they are reading. But most the people who are reading will thank me for the revelation of  the harsh facts  they may not be aware till they read this blog .

I received flood of queries and many requested to elaborate this incompatibility subject in more detail. I am collectively putting all the information in FAQ forms.

Here is the link of the previous blog for reference :

1.What is incompatible diet or Virudhhanna?

One or more food items, having opposite natural properties when combined , cooked or processed separately or together in a way to alter and affect the original properties of ingredient and when consumed, is harmful to the body. This type of food, dish or recipe is called as…

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Pitta on fire : The alarming hyper acidity!

“After the fairness cream antacid tablets and syrups are the most hot selling products without the prescription or advise of the doctor.For many of people they are like regular pachak goli (digestive pill).Take the pill and eat whatever you want” 

Sorry to say folks , it doesn’t work. It gets worsen for sure.

Image result for funny images hyperacidity

Hyper acidity is the favorite condition of people. Many of us think that it is the condition to treat by ourselves. So many on counter antacids and so many home remedies available on fingertips to try out. I call such people “Homely doctorate in acidity”.

A very funny fact is that this condition becomes chronic. People themselves consider it a dangerous conditions, opt for many complicated investigations by themselves ,even enteroscopy which is most of the times is unnecessary. With huge report file and list of medicines tried on themselves finally they come to the right place.To the doctor, an Ayurveda clinic to be more specific.

Lets talk about hyper acidity or Aamlapitta in Ayurveda term. Trying to put the post in simplified points.

What is hyper acidity?

A condition where the digestive juice (Pitta dosha) which is supposed to digest the food without causing any harm to the body starts causing harm. The Pitta Dosha got vitiated by its quantity and quality causing various digestive impairments. The sour property of Pitta Dosha is increased abnormally . The condition is chronic and changes take place slowly over the period to show the symptoms later on body.

Reasons for hyper acidity :

  • Intake of too sour, too spicy food frequently.
  • Incompatible diet (mixing fruits and milk together ,eating non veg and milk products together etc.)
  • Diet opposite to the body type Eg. Pitta increasing diet by Pitta prakriti people.
  • Rotten, leftover, processed , too salty food.
  • Food intake too heavy to digest,too dry,  too liquid , burnt or cooked in high tempetrature.
  • Fermented food.
  • Habit of eating on irregular time or late, skipping meals and keeping fasts frequently.
  • Lack of sleep ,staying awake late at night, sleeping in day time after meal.
  • Smoking, alcohol , tobacco .
  • Psychological stress is also important cause of hyper acidity.
  • Some medicines like Antibiotics, Antidepressants and pain killers can also cause hyper acidity till you are on medicines .

Pre symptoms of hyper acidity:

  • Due to bad practice in lifestyle and food habits the body starts alarming us by showing some symptoms before the hyper acidity becomes chronic and more rooted. But we tend to ignore these symptoms .
  • The symptoms include reduced appetite, nausea and burning in throat after sometime of food intake. Do not ignore these early symptoms of hyper acidity.

Symptoms of hyper acidity:

  • Indigestion, nausea and vomiting after food intake, belching with strong sour or bitter taste of pitta,
  • Burning in throat,heaviness in stomach,pain in stomach ,headache,pain in chest region due to flatulence ,
  • Vommiting, sometimes loose motion,(symptoms relievs for sometimes after this)
  • Itching and rashes on skin in severe and chronic patients of Hyperacidity.
  • Giddiness and redness in eyes and buring of extremities .

These are some common symptoms of hyper acidity.

What happens with body when Pitta is vitiated? 

The wrong habits and reasons behind the hyper acidity increase the sour property of Pitta dosha. This altered Pitta cannot digest the food properly instead it remains in stomach in half digested fermented rotten state for long.

Indigestion causes the various symptoms. Now even if you try to shift your food habits and lifestyle to good the impairment of Pitta is still there.

Let me give you a simple example. When the milk is soured, the pot gets sour too. If you don’t wash that pot properly and still add some fresh milk in it , what will happen? Yes, the good milk will turn sour too.

The same way the system is already affected by the vitiated Pitta Dosha. It should be made free of the vitiated Dosha, then only the good food or lifestyle will show results.

Complication of untreated hyper acidity:

Improper nutrion ,Frequent loose motions,swlleing on body, nutritional disorders, Anemia,Vertigo, are some of the complications of untreated hyper acidity

Chronic hyper acidity further causes gastric ulcers, duodenal ulcers and reflux esophagitis. (Inflammation and ulceration of inner wall of digestive track)

Management of hyper acidity:

  • Assessing the body type of patient and following  proper food and lifestyle is the key practice in the management of hyper acidity .
  • Ruling out the causes and avoiding them is the important solution.
  • Medicines and dos and don’t as suggested by the doctor.
  • Vamana and Virechana are the panchkarma therapies which are practiced to bring Pitta Dosha at its normal state.

As my readers know I never suggest or name medicines or home remedies in general articles. 

Any medicine, yes Ayurvedic too is not supposed to take on counter without doctor’s advice.

By doing this, you are helping the chemist to earn the money at your own health’s risk. Choice is yours.

So Ayurveda doctor will prescribe or give appropriate medicine for specific time to reduce the Pitta associated problems.

Dos n don’ts in hyper acidity:

  • Eat lunch and dinner earliest and on regular timings.
  • Avoid eating fullest of stomach.
  • Do not drink water or any liquid immediately before or after meal.
  • Avoid keeping stomach empty ,at the same time do not frequently munch on food too.
  • Do not keep awake late at night.
  • Easy regular excercises and yoga will imorove the digestion.

This is a digestion related disorder so what to eat and what not to is of prime importance.

Good food :

  • Food like yellow and green mung ,old red rice, wheat ,barley is good grain category in hyperacidity.
  • Boiled water for drinking has specific effect on reducing the hyperacidity as the heat makes water easy to assimilate.
  • Honey, lime water, unprocessed sugar (khadisakhar/patra sugar)cow milk, tender coconut ,pomegranate ,snake gourd, okra,pumpkin are advised to in diet frequently.
  • Use of dry ginger powder, cinnamon in food.
  • Shatavari kalp with milk.

Food to avoid:

  • Avoid spicy , leftover, overcooked food like barbequed kebab etc.
  • Thick gravies of onion , garlic and other hot spices.
  • Sour curd and its use with food for marination.
  • Cold drinks, aerated drinks, fermented food , bakery products,
  • Alcohol, smoking and tobacco .
  • Tea and coffee.

This article will definitely help  you to identify yourself with hyper acidity.

You may pop up with many queries in mind after reading this article.

For consultation and queries mail on

(This write up belongs to Dr.Rupali Panse. Change in the original write up or change in author name is considered illegal )